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Welcome to yet another wine blog. Mine. I’m a Canadian writer with a penchant for all things wine. And scotch. And I can’t forget cognac, either. And the technical stuff? Well, I hold a master’s degree in journalism, and my advanced WSET certificate.


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7 responses to “Thanks for stopping by

  1. Doug Proctor

    Hi, Shelley,

    Kathy and I were enjoying your photo in the Gloat and Wail this Saturday. the pomegranite from Tsblisi.

    Is there a story in this?



    • There is! I was in a hipster-cool restaurant in Tblisi, enjoying a great meal. On the way out, I saw these gorgeous pomegranates growing on a tree in the entrance. The writing was so beautiful that I had to ask someone what it meant, just as I reached up to turn the fruit toward her to point out the letters. “It means, ‘don’t touch,’ she said. My hand was still on it…

  2. Glenda R. Shaw-Garlock

    Similar to the post below wherein you provide a nice synopsis of the wines you discussed on CBC’s North by Northwest this morning (May 10, 2014), it would be so lovely if you would do the same today :-), I am especially interested in the Processo you discussed. Thank you! (G.R. Shaw-Garlock)

  3. John Ritchie


    I heard your segment ob Daybreak this morning when you spoke on wine preservation systems (other than the fridge).

    I too have tried the inert gas dispensers and air suckers without much success. I can highly recommend the PlatyPreserve which I bought at Mountain Equipment. It is a bag with a screw top which allows you to expel all the air and seal it up! I have used it with great success.

    This is made in the US and is BPA free – the PP only costs about $8.



    • Hi, thanks! That’s great to know. I’ll look for it at MEC. I’ve been meaning to go there to pick up some of the steel camping wine “glasses,” as I put my GoVinos in the dishwasher and the heat destroyed them. Sorry for the late response…

  4. Shelly,

    I listened to your interview on CBC’s North by Northwest this morning. Blue Mountain is one of our favourite BC wineries. I’m intrigued by Liquidity ad will have to find my way up there. My family hails from Grand Forks so I do get up there a few times a year. Your mention of Cedar Creek also struck a chord as I know Ross & Gordon Fitzpatrick from Liberal Party adventures and the Jean Chretien leadership campaign. I’ve gone through your blog and now am happy to say I’ve got a good reference point for BC wines. Keep in touch. Saluti, Celso

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