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Happy (almost) holidays for wine lovers

So, Hanukkah begins this coming Wednesday evening. American Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. And today marks exactly one month until Christmas Day.

I figure that’s a good time to talk about fine holiday gifts for wine lovers. No hints, really. I have a kazillion openers, aerators, decanters, books on wine, you name it.

But when I buy gifts for my grown-up friends this month, you can bet those prezzies will probably be wine-related.

A few of my favourite non-pourable things?

1. Cool wine-themed stuff from Etsy. I love Etsy. Love it. I can shop from the comfort of my home, while listening to Coffitivity and pretending I’m working. And there are always very cool wine-themed things to be found.

Such as these resveratrol necklaces from Made with Molecules. Brainy. Creative. Sexy.


And personalized wine charms, because after a couple glasses of wine, my friends and family never remember if they have the green tag or the blue tag. But (hopefully) most of them remember their own names. And the thought of ordering from a business named Philanthropic Panda just makes me laugh.


2. Books about wine. I received a copy of John Bonne’s new book, The New California Wine, for my birthday, and I’ve enjoyed it so much (and learned a lot,) I’m giving a copy to at least one set of friends this Christmas. He’s thorough and opinionated and interesting, and he’s the wine editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. 


4. Wine bottle stoppers. Bright colours, very practical, and the Trudeau promise is that they’re leak-proof. I like. Practical for those days when you don’t drink the whole bottle (surely, there’s at least one or two in a year), and they’ll fit in a stocking. I have some old ones, but they aren’t nearly as cute. I’d upgrade…


5. A wine club membership. Depending where you live, the options will vary, of course. But a few to consider include Tannic (high-end international wines, slightly discounted prices, Canadian), Alberta Winestein (you can pick a pack with cheese, too), Black Hills Winery (one of the Okanagan Valley‘s finest), Tinhorn Creek’s Crush Club (you get extra treats when you visit the on-site restaurant, also in Canada’s Okanagan Valley),  and last but not least, the Okanagan Crush Pad club (you can mix and match your fave wines.)


Coming soon: Wines for your favourite teachers, financial advisors, neighbours and even your mom. Or your dad.

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